Thursday, November 7, 2013

What have we been up to?

Well October was a whirlwind.

Miss Zoe turned one and became a toddler.  She is full blown walking now and is becoming quite the little ham.  She also knows how to throw quite a tantrum and demands personal space.  She still looks so much like her daddy, even more than big sister.

Miss Emberlynn turned three and became a preschooler.  She's growing up so fast and acts even older than she is.  She's all about princesses and dressing up.  Discipline and parenting are taking on a whole new definition.  The challenges are bigger but so are the rewards.

Hubby also had his birthday and turned twenty-six.  Just four years away from thirty.  But he's not one to get bent out of shape over a number and LOVES birthdays.

We're still adjusting to him being home and back in work and school.  We had hoped to be settled in by now but the government shut down affected us financially as well as interfering with his retraining at work.  Thankfully we serve a big God who has been with us through all of this.

 Speaking of hubby, we also celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  It's been a full five years with two deployments and two small children.  Right now we're working through this post deployment, reestablishing "normal" phase but I know we'll make it and be even stronger on the other side.  I'm so glad God brought us together.

We also had Halloween, a much beloved holiday in our family.  Emberlynn was old enough to remember and be excited.  Zoe was old enough to actually go.  Best of all daddy was home.

Hope you enjoyed the update and pictures.  I'll try to check in again soon.

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