Friday, November 29, 2013

The Potty Training Update

I said I would give it three months and I kept my word.  It has been three whole months since she abruptly decided she only wanted to wear panties.

The first couple of weeks held many accidents and some unexplainable phobia of pooping in the potty.  It was crazy stressful because I wasn't prepared and had unrealistic expectations.

However once that first month was over things changed drastically.  Not only was she peeing AND pooping in the potty but she could do it pretty much all on her own.  We are still having the occasional accident but many mommy friends have reassured me that that is normal.  The most important thing is that we are handling things much calmer than we did in the beginning.

Overall the process was fairly straightforward and I'm relieved for the hard part to be over.  Surely it's all downhill from here.

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