Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eight Months Already.

My sweet miss Zoe is eight months old today.  She's a feisty little girl.  She loves to crawl (in her own special way, two hands and only one knee) and pull up on furniture.  I have a feeling I'll have another early walker.  I'm hoping she'll hold off so her daddy can see her walk for the first time.  He has missed so many of her firsts and big moments in her short life that I'd really like for him to witness her taking her first steps.

Speaking of daddy, we are getting very close to the end of this deployment.  We should be within sixty days of homecoming.  Even though we have our reserves about reintegration, we are so ready to be together again!  We're in that awkward window of knowing it's close but not know when.  At this point we will not get any further information until he is back stateside.  I'm pretty sure the anticipation of homecoming is harder than the anticipation of the goodbye.  Just sayin.  Upon his return I will attempt to get back into a better blogging routine but no promises.  I'm sure there is some serious adjustment ahead.

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