Friday, April 13, 2012

First Prenatal:

Technically I saw the OB who delivered Emberlynn when I was 8wks along but I have switched to a midwife and had my first prenatal with her last night.  So for the purpose of documenting my prenatal visits, I'm going to count yesterday's as the first.

First we got the blood work out of the way.  That was a relief because needles make me super nervous.  After that we worked on paper work and talked about various topics.  Then my favorite part, listening to the heartbeat.  Turns out this baby likes to run and hide just like Emberlynn did.  We only heard the heartbeat in short little intervals and then we'd lose it again.  She measured my abdomen and I'm measuring just a tad bit behind but nothing to be concerned about.  I was also weighed and have only gained 1lb.  It was odd to be told I need to start gaining just a bit more.

Overall, it was a great appointment.  I am so glad that I have switched care providers.  I have a sense of peace about labor and delivery that I did not have with Emberlynn.  Those closest to me may think I'm crazy for choosing a home birth but I know that it is the right decision for me and this precious little one growing inside me.  This God given peace is undeniable.

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