Friday, April 15, 2011

Scary Moment...

Last night we had a very scary moment in our home.  Hubby had come home from school just as Emy had finally fallen asleep.  He put her into her bed from me, a Fisher Price Rock-N-Play sleeper that she has slept in ever since she came home from the hospital.  Then he decided to go work out in our apartment's fitness center.  After about twenty minutes I heard Emy babbling from the bedroom, not uncommon and well I was just glad she wasn't crying.  Then all of a sudden a thump and screams.  I go back to the bedroom and my precious baby girl is laying on the floor crying.  The poor thing must have flipped out somehow.  My guess is that she decided to practice sitting up, which she has been doing a lot lately, and it rocked forward causing her to tumble out.  She also likes to lunge forward on her own so it may have had nothing to do with the sleeper.  Needless to say we're packing up the sleeper and she's now in the pack-n-play until we can save up the money to buy a crib.  The sleeper was great while it lasted but I just can't bring myself to let her sleep in it anymore.  Guess we'll get to just pack it away until we're blessed with another child.
We were relieved at how well she slept in the pack-n-play last night though.  She has never really slept flat on her back for any extended period of time so we were kind of worried about the transition but all went well and she slept for eight and a half hours.  In fact, she's in there napping now.  My baby has gotten so big.

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