Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emy's 4mos Check Up

The Monday before we left for Oklahoma, we went in for Emy's 4mos check up.  It was interesting.  The appointment started off rather normal.  She weighed 13lbs 11oz and is 24.5in long.  She's growing so much.  Oh I just love her.  Then while we were waiting for the doctor to come in the power went out.  We got switched into a room with a window so there would be some light.  The doctor finally came in and looked her over.  She told us that we would need to come back in for her to get her shots.  She also told us that we could start rice cereal any time we wanted.  I had been doing research about solids prior to the appointment and have really already made up my mind about how and when I want to start Emy on solids.  When I told her that I was planning to wait until Emy was 6mos old, her reply left me confused.  She sternly said, "Well if you wait until 6mos, then you might miss the window for her to learn to eat from a spoon."  I didn't know what to say.  I decided to drop the subject and simply say that I would think about it.
Well as soon as we got in the car, Jesse and I talked about it and we've decided to stick with our original plan.  We will start solids right around the 6mos mark which is the end of April.  We also have no intention of giving rice cereal.  We will probably start with some kind of fruit or oatmeal.  As I do more research, I am leaning towards a process called Baby Led Weaning.  Following that process, you start with finger foods and kind of skip purees.  I'm sure I will still make some purees but as I try to learn more about BLW, I am really liking the idea.  I will obviously wait and see how Emy handles it and am open to changing the plan but I like to have a plan to start off with.  We've decided that it is unimportant to keep the pediatrician informed on how and when we plan to introduce solids unless she has some kind of allergic reaction to a food we offer.  I understand why the doctor was firm in her opinion (despite the face I thought it was silly reasoning).  Some parents do start solids at 4mos and that is their decision to make.  I just wish she had been more open to discussing the topic with us instead of shutting us down the way she did.  I know that I have no medical expertise but as her parent I deserve to at least have my opinions heard and respected for what they are, a mother's right to do what she feels is best for her child.
On a more positive note, Emy's high chair should be delivered today!  I decided it would be a good idea to get the high chair a few weeks before starting solids so that she can get used to the chair before introducing a whole new way of eating.

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