Friday, December 10, 2010

WoF Christmas Carnival Day 5: What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas has always meant a time of togetherness to me.  I did not grow up in church, nor do I really remember God being talked about.  My Nanny used to make me go to church when we were visiting Oklahoma but that wasn't often.  I didn't start going to church until I was in high school so I don't remember Christmas being "Jesus' Birthday".  I will admit that decorating is a blast and presents are nice but its not what I look forward to.  When I look forward to Christmas, its the time with family that is my favorite part.  Well and the food.  Now that I have a child of my own and am very involved in church, I do want to make sure she knows why Christmas is really celebrated.  Christmas really is meant to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  We'll figure out how we're going to do that once we start putting our own Christmas traditions in place.

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Mrs. JPT said...

Same here. Growing up I didn't attend church unless I spent the night at a friend's house whose grandmother made us go with her. My daughter is two and a half and I can't wait to teach her that Christmas is not about getting as many gifts as you can but, remembering the best gift of all, Jesus dieing for our sins!

Thanks for sharing your post!

Midlife Army Wife said...

Great post! It's definitely about being with those you love :) That's much better than any gift you could buy.