Thursday, December 9, 2010

WoF Christmas Carnival Day 4: My Grown Up Christmas List

The goal of this post is to compile a "Grown Up Christmas List" based on the song by Amy Grant.  I had never heard the song before preparing for this post but it is a beautiful song about non-material things she wants for Christmas.  However, the things aren't for herself, they are for a world that is in need.  Here is my own "Grown Up Christmas List"...

- I would like everyone to support our troops regardless of whether they support the war.  Our military don't call the shots, our government does.  They deserve your support for doing their job and putting their lives on the line.  It shouldn't matter whether you agree with the reasons we're at war or not.
- I wish that all children were loved and cherished.  It breaks my heart when children are abused or have to suffer in some way.  I know that it is all in God's plan but it doesn't make it any easier to hear.
- I want society to quit making it so hard for our youth to stay pure.  I am youth staff at my church and I don't like watching them make the same mistakes I made.  As a teenager I went through a suicidal phase and had no one there to support me.  I also lost my virginity at the age of fifteen.  I try to be there for the youth but society today makes it so difficult.

It is a short list but it is all that is on my heart right now.  This world needs so much intervention but you have to start small.  Thankfully we have a big God and everything on my list is possible through him.

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