Tuesday, November 23, 2010

365 Days Ago...

November 23, 2009
It was such an emotional day.  I picked my husband up from the Nashville International Airport and our first deployment ended.  I was so excited because he was finally home.  I was also nervous because he had been gone so long.  People change over the course of the year.  Was he still going to be the man I fell in love with?  Between our wedding day and that day, he had only been home for short breaks.  I saw him a mere forty-five days collectively in our first year of marriage.  That night was the first night I felt that we truly lived together even though it had been over a year since our wedding day.  That is part of military life.  You don't have to be in the same house, or even the same country, to be connected to one another.  But it was still so nice to have him home.

And Today,
To answer the question I asked earlier, yes he is the same man.  Sure there were minor changes.  So minor that I can't even point out any specific changes.  We had to learn to live together but honestly, it felt like he'd always been there.  We picked up like he'd never been gone.  But he had been gone.  He missed out on a year of my life and I missed a year of his.  We each had our own memories and life experiences that didn't include each other.  None of that mattered.  We had kept each other in the loop and there was very little to catch up on when he returned.  Now we're used to each other.  Sure we have stressful times and we don't always agree but that's just a part of marriage.  And now we have a beautiful baby girl.  Our lives have changed so much and so little in the past year.  All I know is even with the not so good moments, it has been wonderful to have my husband home.

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