Friday, October 1, 2010

appointment number ten:

so i went to the doctor this past wednesday.  i was just barely more dilated and still 70% effaced.  its a little frustrating that these contractions don't seem to be doing anything but i'm just now 37 weeks so there is still plenty of time.  however, my doctor wants to talk induction at my appointment on the 13th even though my due date isn't until the 21st.  guess we'll see how that goes.  i don't have GD, my BP has been more than fine this whole pregnancy, and she has not mentioned any concerns of a large baby so i do not see a reason to induce prior to my due date.  only time will tell.  i may not even make it that far so it may not be an issue at all.  i go again next wednesday but i'll be seeing a nurse practitioner instead of my doc because my doc is on vacation from october 2nd through october 8th.  hopefully, i will have made some more progress.

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