Sunday, October 3, 2010

anyone else getting tired of these posts?

i am!  we took yet another trip to L&D last night.  after twenty-four hours of time-able contractions, they finally got 3-5min apart and my doctor had told me that's when i should head to the hospital.  so off to the hospital we go.  i get there and they check me and i'm only 10% more effaced than i was at my appointment wednesday and still only 1cm dilated.  they monitored me for an hour.  it was confirmed that i am definitely contracting regularly but after the hour, my cervix still hadn't made any progress.  they do think i am in early labor but my contractions just aren't strong enough to do what they need to do.  never though i'd hope for more pain but after two and a half weeks of contractions, i'm ready to meet my little girl.  i'm going to try more walking today to see if that will kick things up.  i wouldn't mind her cooking for three more weeks but not with constant contractions.  lets see if i can help my body decide.

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