Thursday, October 14, 2010

appointment number eleven:

i had another doctor appointment yesterday.  it went alright.  i really haven't made any progress since 35 weeks.  the doctor offered to induce me this coming tuesday but i declined since i am not due until next thursday.  instead we chose the 26th as our induction date.  my doctor won't let me go more than a week past my due date.  although, i'm really hoping she comes on her own before then.  i really don't want to be induced but i will do whatever is best for me and little emy.  my doctor stripped my membranes yesterday which i'm hoping will jump start things but its not the end of the world if it doesn't.  i go back next wednesday, which is the day before my due date.  if i haven't had emy by then, i will ask her to strip my membranes again.  i'm trying lots of old wives tales to coax little emy out but so far she seems comfy.  i will try to keep everyone updated.
sorry every post has been pregnancy related lately.  i really haven't had much going on except for nearing the end of my pregnancy.

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