Wednesday, September 15, 2010

appointment number nine:

so from this point out, i will be seeing the doctor weekly until i deliver.  i actually saw the nurse practitioner today instead of my doctor but i really like her so i didn't mind.  they went ahead and checked me today because of all the cramping i've been having.  i haven't made any progress since my L&D trip so they do not think what i am experiencing is true "preterm labor" but it is obvious that my body is practicing.  this pain and cramping will more than likely last until i go into labor.  it may actually get worse as her arrival gets closer.  all in all, it just looks like i am one of the lucky women who cramp and contract for weeks prior to delivery.  i am thinning out but i am not actually dilating so for now it looks like my body is holding her in.  they don't think i'll deliver before term but they can't promise that i won't.  its all a waiting game now to see what my body will do.  i'll be thirty-five weeks tomorrow so i'm just two weeks away from term and five weeks away from my due date.

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