Friday, August 27, 2010

appointment number eight:

today i had another doctor appointment.  emy is still kind of little for the doc to tell what position she is in but doc says she's measuring good.  i did gain a little more weight since the last appointment than we would like but i've actually been eating less because my stomach has been upset lately so my doc thinks it might be water weight.  we're going to watch it and see.  everything seems to be going good.  i'm getting much closer to my weekly appointments.  i'm only five weeks away from full term (which is 37 weeks) and eight weeks away from my due date.  its amazing to me how fast this pregnancy has gone by.

update about the maternity photos.  i know i haven't posted any yet and i'm sorry.  i haven't gotten the disc yet.  i have no idea when i will get the pictures but i'll post them as soon as i have them.

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