Tuesday, July 20, 2010


we made it home from vacation this sunday.  we now have my fifteen year old cousin staying with us for two weeks.  it was a great trip.  everyone adored the belly.  my mom loved feeling her first grandchild move.
all is still well in the world of pregnancy.  i've started having more braxton hicks contractions.  i had some really scary ones sunday night that would have caused me to go to the ER if they didn't stop.  i'll talk to my doc about them this coming friday at my appointment.  plus i'll be asking when my biweekly appointments start.
i guess thats all i have to say for now.  hope everyone is doing well.


Jessica said...

take it easy and rest up!
If I remeber correctly bi-weekly appts start around 30 weeks (but its been a while so that could have changed) (;

Danie Nicole said...

my doc said the biweekly appointments would start at 28 weeks. i'm 27 weeks today and my appointment is tomorrow. i'm not looking forward to the sugary drink/gestational diabetes test tomorrow though.