Monday, July 26, 2010

appointment number six:

this was my first appointment in my third trimester and from this point until i'm 36 weeks i will be going every two weeks.  the appointment went well.  i had to have an internal because of some cramping i had earlier last week.  so far little one seems un-phased by things.  she's getting more active (or maybe she's just getting bigger and i'm feeling more).  all in all, things are well.  i have a lot of pain but its all normal.  just another joy of pregnancy.  my body is coping with so much.  every once in awhile i have pains that i don't feel are normal but i talk them out with my doctor and so far she's hanging in there.  i'm just under three months away from my due date.  but i'll be full term on september 30th so emy could come any time after that.  its really weird knowing how close everything is.  but i serve an amazing God who will carry me through.


Kathryn said...

You can do it! You are getting closer! :)

Danie Nicole said...

thank you!