Saturday, June 19, 2010

a new pregnancy symptom.

so on thursday i hit 22 weeks and its like i hit a magic number.  my newest pregnancy symptom, which started thursday night, is night sweats.  i now wake up at least once a night sweating.  it is so uncomfortable.  i've talked to other women who are or have been pregnant and it seems to be pretty normal.  i'm really hoping it doesn't last long but i have a feeling that it will.  oh well.  worse things could happen.  pregnancy is a wonderful, magical, mysterious life experience.  sadly it causes some not so pleasant symptoms but i am already over my half way point.  soon (only about four months) my body can start to get its functions a little closer to the normal i am used to.  some things may never be the same and i will adjust to that.  i am really trying to not get set on anything.  i have never been a parent before.  i've never given birth before.  i don't want to get caught up on "oh i'll never" and then have it blow up in my face.  plus things can differ from child to child so what works for our first may not go as well a second or third time around (god willing in a few years).  i do know that i'm in for one of the hardest, most fulfilling experiences of my life.  i am definitely nervous but looking forward to it.

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