Thursday, June 24, 2010

appointment number five:

so today was my last appointment in my second trimester.  my next appointment will start my third trimester.  i will also do my GT test at my next appointment so i'll be there at least an hour.  hopefully that goes well.  emy seems to be growing and doing well.  i'm having a lot of muscle pain but the doc says there's really not much i can do for it.  all in all, things are going well.  i'm up about twelve pounds and today i am twenty-three weeks.  i plan to pre-register at the hospital soon.  we're not sure about the hospital tour because the hospital is moving locations about three weeks before my due date.  my doc recommended that i call the phone number for the child birthing classes to ask for financial assistance because right now i cannot afford them.  i've considered not taking them my doc seems to want me too.  i'm still not sure.  any advice is welcome.  i am hoping for a vaginal, medicine free delivery.  my doctor told me that i will be getting an IV but i really don't want anything else.  i know that in the moment, things can change but that is what i am trying to prepare myself for (along with remembering that things could end up completely different and i can't control that).  only time will tell.  we have a date set for my "non-church" baby shower but the church baby shower hasn't really been talked about that much.  things have really gone faster than expected.  its all so amazing, even through the not so great symptoms.

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