Wednesday, June 16, 2010

feeling left out.

i am a member on a pregnancy website called "the bump".  there are many different discussion boards but i tend to follow whichever trimester i am in.  the second trimester board is full of women who are preparing the nursery for their little one.  right now with us in this two bedroom apartment, there is just no room for that.  our second bedroom is set up as an office with two bookcases, a dresser, a desk, and three different wire shelving systems.  plus hubby has dropped a lot of stuff off in the middle of the floor.  there is no where else in the apartment that all of that furniture can go.  we are going to try to find a three bedroom house to rent but our lease isn't up until december.  emy should be about two months old by then.  i just feel so sad and so unprepared to know that little one will not have a nursery when she gets here.  we plan to try to save up to buy the furniture we will need for a nursery but until we move in december, what are we going to do?  where are we going to store emy's things?  i know i don't have to worry about it just yet, my baby shower will be at the beginning of august and i'm going to have to bring that stuff home and make a place for it.  any ideas are welcome.  obviously we have no idea what we will get at our shower and we also have to figure out how to afford everything we don't get.  there is just so much to do and right now i feel so stuck and unable to do any of it.  vent over for now.

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