Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i am such a list maker!  and having a baby on the way has only amplified this quality of mine.  before we registered, i had done research online and had a list of what i wanted to register for.  hubby was surprised at how smooth it went.
here are the lists i currently have (all in the same spiral notebook):
- things i will need for baby (its open to change)
- things i will need for the nursery (like furniture and storage and such)
- things that will need to go in the diaper bag
- a packing list for the hospital bag (since its way too early to pack i think)
- who to call/text when i go into labor
- who to call/text when the baby arrives
- a goal budget (hubby just got a job so we're trying to calculate how much he needs to make since i'll be quitting work before little one comes)
- hubby's fall school schedule (in chart form so i can try to remember when he'll be in school)
and soon i'll be adding a schedule for myself for when i because a stay at home mom.  sometimes i think i worry i am going overboard with the planning.  i'm only half way through my pregnancy (almost 22 weeks).  but at the same time i fear how overwhelmed i would feel without all of these lists.  we have so much that will be changing in such a short amount of time.  i will be quitting my job by the end of august (maybe sooner), jesse will be starting back to school in august after four semesters out, we will becoming parents in october and we plan to move in december when our lease is up (which we still need to find a place to move to).
well i hope i haven't bored you.  i just needed to get all of that out there.  so am i crazy?


Kathryn said...

I am a list person too, I think it helps a lot! You can never be too organized! :)

Jessica said...

nope, not crazy at all

I am a list maker too =)

Kayla Sue said...

Hi! It is so good to find another military wife on blogger! I am just like you, a MAJOR list maker. We had our little man four months ago, and I had lists and lists of stuff I needed to get for him :)

Danie Nicole said...

thanks kathryn and jessica.
kayla: you'll be happy to know that both of the other ladies that commented on this post are military wives and also have blogs through blogger.