Friday, June 4, 2010

halfway :)

yesterday was my pregnancy half way point.  i hit the twenty week mark.  it feels so surreal.  some days it feels like i just found out yesterday and yet october is so close.  plus i had a wonderful photo shoot with meag yesterday and hopefully i'll get a disc of those pics on sunday.  we plan to do pictures again at twenty-nine weeks (right before my baby shower) and thirty-seven weeks.  we want to get as close to the end as possible but don't want to set a date i may not reach.  jesse is certain that i will not make it to my due date.  we will see.

oh and this morning has been interesting.  jesse has drill out of town this weekend and had to leave here at around 3:30am to pick up a friend in the unit and get there by 5am.  well as soon as i realized he was awake, i drifted in and out of sleep.  when he kissed goodbye at 3:30am i was awake.  needless to say i was frustrated.  that is entirely too early in my book.  well then i start texting with hubby to pass the time and he realized he doesn't have his wallet (aka military id or drivers license) or dog tags.  that leaves me to the rescue.  i grab his wallet off his nightstand and he is telling me he has no idea where his dog tags are.  thankfully he gave me his old set so i took him those.  i hop up and throw on a shirt (i sleep in pants and a sports bra) and flip flops and hit the road.  i drove all the way to nashville at 5:30am.  it was an a hour and a half round trip and hubby really just wanted to skip drill but being the meanie that i am, i wouldn't let him.  hopefully this weekend will go better for him than he is expecting.

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Kathryn said...

Yay for maternity pics!
Yikes at having to get up so early! Got to love those early morning calls!