Friday, June 11, 2010

my week.

so tuesday evening i started to have some abdominal pain.  i brought cramping up to my doc at my last appointment and she said that as long as it goes away when i sit and i don't have more than four episodes in an hour than i shouldn't worry.  well this pain didn't feel like cramping but it was a pretty constant pain.  i figured i would go to sleep and wake up okay.  well i woke up wednesday morning still in pain so i called my doc and called out of work.  well my doc wasn't in the office but they made me an appointment with the nurse practitioner and i went in.  they checked my cervix to be safe and all was well there.  they tested my urine and said that it was clean.  they listened to emy's heartbeat and she sounded great.  but because i had been having some other symptoms that i had been ignoring, they decided it was either a urinary tract infection or a strained muscle.  they prescribed me antibiotics in hopes that it is an infection but if they don't work then it is probably a muscle which they can't do anything for.  i'll just get to add it to one of the joys of pregnancy.  i guess we'll see.  i do know that the muscle will get worse before it gets better, if that is the case, because i expect to get quite a bit bigger since i'm only half way.  my boss gave me today off also and i'll go back to work as normal tomorrow.  i am feeling slightly better but am still in pain from time to time.  i just started the antibiotics so i know those haven't kicked in yet.  i'll try to keep you updated.


Kathryn said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better! Love the new blog look by the way! :)

Danie Nicole said...

thank you. i've tried really hard to keep up with normal activities. i didn't want to be one of those pregnant women who use it as a constant excuse. but i guess i've got to learn to take it easy. i can go back to being crazy when she gets here.
oh and thanks. blogger set up a new design feature that i decided to try. i just wish i could center the header.

Jessica said...

oh need to take it easy. =)
hope you are feeling better

and i like the new look too ;)