Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day.

Today is a day that is observed to remember and in essence celebrate those who have fallen in the line of duty for our country and our freedom.  "Thank you" is simply not sufficient for the price they paid for us.  The families of these fallen men and women have also paid an extreme price and deserve remembrance as well.
I would also like to thank those who have served our country and returned safely to us.  Whether retired or still serving, home or far away, every day you are willing to put you life on the line for the same idea that our fallen gave their lives for.  You, hopefully, believe that you can improve the condition of our world because I believe in you.
And to my dear husband, I am very proud to be your wife.  I am thankful for our God who brought you home safely but we do not know what the future holds.  It is a risk we know and are willing to subject ourselves to.  I thank you for serving our country and I am proud to stand behind you and stay behind at home.  I can only hope that Emy and any future children are as proud of you as I am.  Thank you my dear for allowing me to join you in this life, even in the not so great moments.

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