Sunday, January 31, 2010


last night i babysat for a family in my apartment complex. they have a 2 1/2 year old named hannah and a 1 year old named elizabeth (or izzy for short). it was one of my most interesting babysitting gigs yet. the moment the door closed, hannah started throwing things. izzy was just a doll all night. hannah, i think, was just testing her boundaries. bed time was rough. it took an hour of screaming, excuses, outbursts and such for hannah to go to bed. she tried scratching and pinching me which i now have a small cut and bruise to show for. she also tried barricading herself in her room with her mattress. we (i say we because thankfully jesse went with me) finally got her to sleep by making her a palate beside her bed and singing to her. sadly her screaming woke up her little sister but they were both asleep before the parents got home. i do plan to babysit for them again if they ask. every person, even children, have bad days. children also like to test their boundaries when they are left with new people. i think the combination of not getting the normal nap and having strangers in the house was just too much for little hannah. but overall all i can say was it was an interesting night.


Kathryn said...

Wow! I have been babysitting 10 years, but I am not sure I have had a child that bad. haha Although they can get pretty bad! You are brave to go back again. I wonder what you told the parents when they got home!

Danie Nicole said...

well the girls normally take a three hour nap and only got a thirty minute nap yesterday so i think she was just over exhausted and didn't know how to cope. i only told them of the bed time troubles. i didn't go into all the attitude we got prior to bed time. she wore me out but her little sister was just so cute.