Sunday, January 24, 2010

so this weekend...

well it turned interesting quick. my hubby got a phone call thursday asking if he was packing yet. well long story short, jesse had to go to florida friday for a yellow ribbon post deployment training program. this past weekend was to ensure that he is successfully reintegrating into civilian life. all in all it turned out okay but the planning on such a short notice was stressful. we also found out that the first weekend in february, i will need to go down to florida with him to sit through classes for our marriage and relationship. i'm excited about the weekend get away.
then friday night after taking him to i attended a party at my sister's house. it was called a boudoir party. the purpose was to dress up and have sexy picture taken of yourself for your significant other. i was really nervous at first but it turned out really well. it helped that i've known the photographers for years. i actually took the above picture of myself while we were waiting for my hair to curl.
it was a good weekend after all but i'm glad that hubby is coming home tonight.

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Jessica said...

My hubby thinks he may have seen your hubby at the Yellow Ribbon thing...he is not sure though because there was a lot of people there.

That sounds like a really neat party you went to =)