Thursday, February 4, 2010


so its official. hubby and i will be going to orlando, florida tomorrow morning. it will make for an early morning since the flight is at 6:10am. its going to be a long night since i doubt i will sleep much tonight. there is laundry and packing to be done. plus we plan to go to my in-laws house tonight to file our taxes. i hope that our trip is a good one. we'll be sitting through classes about communication and our relationship. it should be interesting. i think it will be a good get-away for us though. especially since our current financial situation is telling us that a vacation is not in our near future. with me in school and jesse looking for a job, things are very tight right now but with God i know we can make it. we must trust him. he is the only one that can get us through this rough financial season. but hopefully this weekend will bring a bit of relief to the stress i feel. wish us luck and safe travels.

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Kathryn said...

Enjoy the vacation! I understand about the finances, with a baby on the way it is very hard for us as well!