Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first week of school...

so my first week of school went alright. i'm a little nervous about my english professor but so far i'm comfortable with sociology and history. i actually had alot of homework to accomplish yesterday since i was out of school for labor day but i fell asleep while doing the reading so i'll get to do it all tonight after work. i'm a little disappointed in myself but i had a nice relaxing day yesterday just lounging around.

my homework:
reading an article for sociology and writing a one page reading summary (that will happen every week)
reading an article for english and writing a three page diagnostic essay
taking a medical vocabulary test online

plus i think i'm eating dinner with my in-laws tonight. it will be a busy night but i believe i can get it all done. my english professor doesn't seem to think a three page essay is that big of a deal since our "real" essays are supposed to be six pages long (1250 words). our midterm will be another three page essay. that makes me kind of nervous. i don't think i've ever written an essay that long.

and of course judgment time is drawing near again. practice starts this week. i got the role of the soldier's wife. not a far jump for me lol. its a non speaking part (which i asked for) but i'm sure i will playing a grieving widow since the soldier dies in war. i know this role will be a difficult one as i hopefully near the end of my husband's deployment but God will carry me through. each year Satan makes himself known as he tries to mess up our play whether its a cast member getting hurt/sick or if we had technical malfunctions. but God is big enough and when we start experiences problems we begin to pray. i'm going to need prayer to get through this whole production. but i love being a part of the judgment. it is a wonderful outreach. wish me luck.

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