Monday, August 31, 2009

okay day...

so today was my first day back to school. sociology and history seem like they will go well. i'm a little worried about english but we will see. plus the two online classes. i'm already ready for this semester to be over.

but today was also my twentieth birthday. there was no celebrating today because of school but i had a pretty good weekend. hubby did a wonderful job of trying to make up for his absence. like i said before, he had gus pick up the flowers and teddy bear for me and surprise me at church wednesday. and then saturday he had a surprise appointment scheduled for me that ended up being a hot stone massage, facial, and detox foot spa. it was wonderful! then i went to dinner with my in-laws at five senses. i had fun, as usual. it came time for dessert and they said it was at home which i had my suspicions about. and sure enough...they had ice cream cake! its been a tradition for jesse to buy me ice cream cake for my birthday every year. this year he ordered it and asked his parents to pick it up. plus they got me a george formen grill. it was very exciting!! i've contemplated buying one many times. then sunday after church i went out to the house and had tacos. then i hung out at my in-laws house while erica and kris shopped for rocks and flowers. then i met back up with dad, erica, kris, and lee to go bowling. by the time i got home i was exhausted and drained.

why was i drained? sunday morning was very emotional. because of personal issues, our head pastor resigned. it is not my place to go into more detail than that, nor do i really know any more details than that. it was just very sad to see him step down. him and his family will be in my prayers during this difficult time. i love that family very much and the display he made sunday morning just made me love and respect them so much more.

all in all, its been a crazy whirlwind weekend. oh what i would have done to have hubby here. but i did get many phones calls this weekend from him that were very unexpected. now i hope to sleep, we will see.

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