Tuesday, July 28, 2009

project updates.

so the projects are going well. well two of them anyways. after my last post about them i decided to make a daily schedule to keep me on track. yes i am serious about getting them done. the bookcase is already finished, both coats. you can see brush strokes but i think it looks great. today after work i came home and painted the second coat on the dresser. i also started to paint the wire shelves but it did not take long to run out of paint (i only had one can for eigthy pieces...not enough!) so i'm going to have to buy more before i can finish. i had hoped to work on cleaning the rest of the apartment since the painting really doesn't take that long but i'm not feeling well. tomorrow before church i plan to paint the black detail on the dresser. i also need to make a walmart run to buy more spray paint. the shelves are going to take way longer than i thought. oh well. at least the other two projects are going well.

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