Saturday, July 25, 2009

thank you.

i saw this card and decided to use it in a post dedicated to jesse.
i've actually known my husband for four years and have been with him for three and he has been a blessing to my life. he is my best friend. he has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, loving me the each step of the way. we're still young and we're still struggling to "find ourselves" but its wonderful to be able to go through these life changes together. we have lots of things in store for us. we have to get through this first deployment. we have to get through college. we have to enjoy as much married time as we can before God decides its time for us to start a family. he is exactly who i imagined and even more that i didn't know i needed. we are just beginning this wonderful new chapter called "marriage" and i have truly found the man God has for me.
he is my soldier, my hero, my love, and my life only second to god. its cheesy i know but he completes me.
thank you hubby for loving me!

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