Thursday, July 30, 2009

not going to make the deadline...

so i've decided to scrap the wire shelf project. painting them is not going well and for just a little more than i'll spend on spray paint, i can buy new ones so that is what i've decided to do. i of course got hubby's permission first and so they are on their way. i ordered them through the walmart website and saved the almost thirty dollars in shipping by using the site to store option so i'll pick them up at the store when they come in. i don't mind since i live less than five miles away from walmart. but the bookcase and dresser turned out great. they're all done. i'll post pictures soon. now i get to clean and organize. i don't think i'll finish everything by the end of the month (tomorrow) like i had planned. especially since today will be such a busy day. and of course the office is kind of put on hold since i ended up buying new wire shelves that won't come in until the end of next week sometime. but i hope to work on cleaning the rest of the apartment before work tomorrow. i had also hoped to work on things after work saturday but now i think i'm going shopping with my sister. i am a bridesmaid in her wedding this fall (october 3rd) and i still need a dress. oh well. its been way too long since i've hung out with my sissy so i won't mind the schedule disruption. i hope all is well. i need to try to sleep now.

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