Tuesday, July 14, 2009

much easier to read than to believe...

i've been slowly reading Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul and one of the stories last night ended in the most amazing way...
"Whether husband or wife, we are still married to soldiers. When duty calls, the soldier will answer. In fact, he may seem eager to leave those he loves and fight the good fight. It is hard to be married to a hero. A soldier is called to fight, and the spouse of a soldier is called to understand. Understanding makes you a hero, too."
to be honest, when i read that i started crying. i've been in kind of a weird place with this deployment and with my "job" as an army wife. i don't feel like i'm doing anything special, nor do i feel i am really serving my country. i've had so many people thank me for my "service" and i say thank you but do not feel i deserve thanks. this is the only marriage i've ever known. i do not know what its like to wake up beside my husband every morning. eventually hubby will come home and we will get some time together. hopefully enough time for him to get through school but i know that this will not be our last deployment. instead, this is only the beginning but i am grateful to have so many supportive friends and family!


Kathryn said...

Hey! I found your blog through Wivesoffaith.com and wanted to stop by and say hi!

I have been wanting to read the particular Chicken soup for the soup for so long now! I am going to have to buy it!

I understand how you feel and I hope that the deployment goes by fast. Whether you feel like it or not you are doing something. Just standing by your husband and supporting him is doing something special. Not just anybody can be a military wife!

God Bless!

Jocelyn Green said...

I completely understand that feeling of not doing anything special- I was there for a while myself as a new Coast Guard wife all alone in Alaska. But let me tell you- you are supporting your husband in a way that no one else on this earth can. Without your support, he'd be distracted and have a really hard time doing his duty, serving our country. Supporting your husband is difficult and noble. But that's not all God has for you. You may not see it yet, but He has big plans for you as an individual, not just you as an Army wife! Read Ephesians 2:10. It was my lifeline.