Monday, July 13, 2009

yet again...

another week has passed and i've let my blog get a little behind so here is a summary of last week...

tummy is still not feeling well. its better but still not right. i end up in one of two situations. 1) it growls like its hungry when it really shouldn't be or 2) when i do eat i end up praying i'll keep it down. plus i still have the headache. i'm pretty sure its my glasses that are causing it which leads me to my next point.

so i still don't have my new glasses that i ordered almost two weeks ago. first they had to order lenses which isn't uncommon so i didn't think any thing of it. then they broke the frames trying to put the lenses in them so they had to order new frames. well the frames came in and they got the lenses into them and the lenses didn't pass their final inspection so i am once again waiting on lenses. i'm started to get a little frustrated to say the least.

visit with the in-laws:
i had a wonderful dinner with them saturday night and then spent some time at their house yesterday between morning and evening service. i had fun. it was great.

both services yesterday were absolutely amazing and very much needed. i was still holding on to alot that i didn't even realize. and i really don't spend the time praying or reading my bible that i should. plus i've really been feeling down lately about this deployment but i believe thats because i was forgetting to trust God. yesterday he reminded me that he's still there and will always be there.

and last but not least, hubby:
he still isn't feeling well. he tried to go to sick call yesterday and they were closed. he went back today and they still don't know what is wrong so they sent him to a different doctor who wasn't there so he's going to have to go back tomorrow. now he's at work. needless to say i am against government run health care. normally i'm not one to follow things like that but now that i've had first hand experience, i can say that it would be a ridiculous idea for an entire nation. but jesse could really use some prayers. he is really worried about what could possibly be wrong and what could happen if they don't figure it out soon. i don't like knowing he is in so much pain!

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