Monday, June 22, 2009


i found this card amusing. i have multiple diaries and jesse can read all of them but one. he respects the fact that i need at least one truly to myself. sadly i don't write in my diaries as often as i should because i am pretty open here on my blog. there are very few things in my life i don't post on here. obviously, there are things between jesse and i that are not blog appropriate. i am a firm believer that some aspects of marriage should stay strictly between the married couple or only close friends should be allowed in. but all in all, this blog is my diary. a diary that i let the entire world read.
but trust is a very big deal, especially in a military marriage. when your spouse can be gone for a year or longer and in harm's way, you have much bigger things to worry about than "can i trust him/her." thankfully, God has given me an amazing peace about this deployment. i have had my bad days but they so far have been few and far in between. and that also has to do with trust. you must trust God and trust that you are in good hands.
i serve an amazing God!

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iKnowThisLife? said...

Yes I know as well what you mean about trust that they will come home alive and well. I know they are only friends of mine and not spouses, but I alike have an uncanny peace about them coming home okay. I never or rarely doubt their safety as most would. I more worry about their mental well-being now. Especially now with what has happened. But I too am learning to trust God in that aspect as well.