Friday, June 19, 2009


i censored this postcard myself with the paint program. i have posted cards with curse words on them before but normally only one. i didn't feel comfortable posting this card without editing it first.
needless to say, i can absolutely relate to this card. i have had a few people in life treat me absolutely horrible and as i pray my way through it, they truly have taught be to believe in myself. they have made me better appreciate the people who don't treat me that way. i am still learning the hard way that i deserve better but God puts every person and every situation in your life for a reason. whether they are good or bad situations, God is there and God will carry you through.
learn from the not so nice people, don't let them destroy you.

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iKnowThisLife? said...

I completely understand my dear. I love you and I hope to never be a person like that to you. I hope our plans of children and "aunt danie" and "aunt brady" conversations really do come true. No matter the argument, we both know we love one another and that nothing comes between us. We now have a more renewed and strengthened friendship and I thank God for that. I love you!!