Thursday, June 18, 2009

will we believe?

just minutes before i was supposed to get off work today, a man about my age came in shirtless. i thought it a little odd but i chose to ignore the lack of clothing. all he wanted was a glass of water with lemon. he looked like he'd been outside for awhile so i happily obliged. i had to walk back into the kitchen for something and i thought he had left but he did not. instead he joined a few lawn care workers what we call our "round table." i later learned from one of our regular customers sitting at a table close by, that the shirtless man did not know the group he sat with. well after the group left, he continued to sit there and talk with me (i had sat down to eat before going home) and robert (the regular customer) about the last days and the second coming. he asked robert to tell him everything he knew about the book of revelation. robert avoided the question by saying that there's alot of stuff in the book of revelation. this shirtless man went on to ramble about the second coming and how he was here to warn people, like an angel that it is very near. my first thought "this guy is crazy!" and then my second thought...
when jesus really does come back, how many of us will think he is just some mad man? it will take a giant leap of faith to follow a man who is claiming to be jesus. especially after the antichrist tries to decieve us. honestly, i still think the shirtless guy at work today is crazy, but he really made me think. i had never considered how i would know what was happening when jesus returns.

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McAngie said...

Wow, that really does make you think. Will we believe? The bible says that many will be deceived in the last days.