Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sick call.

i don't know if i remembered to tell you guys that the pain that almost kept jesse from deploying has returned with a vengeance. he went to sick call awhile back and they told him to drink more water and come back in a week if its not better. well needless to say the water treatment didn't work so jesse went back to sick call yesterday. the doctor now thinks its a muscle thing of some sort so they have given him anti-inflammatory medicine (the same thing that made the pain go away the first time) and muscle relaxers. i'm glad that they are making an effort to make the pain go away but i would still like to know what is causing it. but i guess as long as he gets through this deployment then we'll figure it all out when he comes home. please just keep him in your prayers. he's been pretty stressed out here lately because he is working double shifts to make up for a few people who are on R&R. thank you guys.

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