Tuesday, June 2, 2009

email love letter.

sunday morning i received the best love letter from my dear husband in my email and i want to share it with you. i have edited it a little bit because grammar and spelling are not hubby's strong suit. i hope you enjoy...
Hello my love,
This is the letter I wish I could write and send to you, but due to issues here with the mail it could honestly get to you after my return. So I hope you can settle for this. I plan to pick up writing in my journal. I finally received your letter my love. It reminded me that I never really told you how much you mean to me. In an odd time in my life you became a light in the darkness. It took me a while to figure out that the light I was seeing was not you, my love, it was a life with the Lord. Though I thought myself a good man up to that point, I still had many sins on my heart and much pain in my soul. You became the Lord's doorway to my life. Without you I never would have found the hope or happiness I have when I go to church. I was lost, but now I'm found. I still miss you a lot and find myself sad because I cannot be the strength you need from day to day. Nor can you be the support I wish I could have. However, I am finding it easier to bear day by day in my prayer and study of the bible, which sadly is just beginning but i do see things improving. I have found my peace that I have not had in a while.
I still miss my church very much. I do not feel the complete comfort of God that I often do during a church service but I am getting by pretty well. I don't attend the church services here. Instead I try to listen to the CDs I have. The one regret I have on those CDs is that they do not include the praise and worship. To me that is a major part of my time at church. Mostly because during that time is the largest time I spend truly talking and listening to the Lord. It's when he speaks to me most, when I feel most in touch with him.
Do not worry about me, my love, I am fine and safe. I fear no evil for our Lord is with me. He comforts me when I grow weak and fall into despair. I am safe my love for in my heart I feel he wishes nothing to happen to me because my work for the Lord is not finished.
You are the love of my life and I would be lost without you. You made me a very lucky, very happy man and I can never repay you for that.
...i love my hubby. this letter was in reply to a letter i sent him that finally got through. they have been having mail issues so i'm not sure if i will ever get a letter that i don't have to print out. and as far as the CDs he is talking about, he has CD copies of sermons from our church. needless to say, i am so proud of how hubby is handling this deployment. he makes me feel so loved!!


iKnowThisLife? said...

i need this kind of faith.
take that statement for what it seems.
love ya'll

Jessica said...

such a sweet letter...thank you for sharing this with us. So wonderful to see the love you guys have for each other and for Christ.

Danie Nicole said...

jesse has amazing faith. he has told me from day one that he believes he will come home, he just doesn't feel finished.

Lori said...

What an incredible letter! He's a keeper for sure!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am charging $100 plus shipping for the quilt throw. Since I'm "raffling" that particular one off, I would make you another one. Let me know soon though so I can be sure to get the exact fabrics.

You can email me at LoriatJoyunspeakable@yahoo.com

Thanks so much!!