Friday, June 5, 2009

busy day.

today was a busy day for kate and i.
we went to my work and picked up my paycheck. then we went to walmart with my dad (which we could have done without). then we came home for a feeding and then went to visit mommy's work. kate was a big hit. everyone loved her of course. then julie had something come up at work so kenny picked up kate today. it was really weird though becaue normally kate is all smiles when one of her parents comes in. but today i was holding her when i opened the door for kenny and her face was completely blank. then kenny told me to go ahead and put her in the carrier and this frown came across her face. when i put her in the carrier, the poor little one started to cry...tears and all. it broke my heart. i've never seen her cry like that. i've seen her fussy but not sad. poor little thing. but eventually we got her smiling again so it was all good. we did alot of running about today but it went well.

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Julie said...

I'm glad you were able to bring her to work. Now everyone will stop bugging me... :-) But you didn't text me any pics Friday. I was so sad. :-(