Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pass the torch.

tonight was a bitter sweet night at church. every year, the last wednesday in may is what we call "pass the torch." its the last youth service for the seniors so they each pass a lit tiki torch to a person of their choosing to symbolize the passing of their responsibilities. all of the speeches were heart felt and awesome. but the hardest torch pass of all was when kenny passed his torch to hooper. for four years now i've either been in youth or helped out with youth in some way. i simply cannot imagine youth without kenny and julie. they have shown me love that i didn't think i deserved. they created an environment at family worship center that made me feel safe. youth truly was my home away from home. it all still feels so surreal. i don't think it will sink in until a permanent youth pastor is found. since hooper normally fills in when kenny is on vacation, it just feels like kenny's absence is just temporary. my mind knows better but my heart is still decieving itself. but at the same time, their decision to leave is also one of the reasons i look up to them. kenny resigned as youth pastor because he felt that God had released him. he literally quit his job to follow God. he swallowed the fear and doubt of the unknown and gave it to God. i want that kind of relationship with God and i am absolutely blessed to have friends like kenny and julie as role models for my christian walk and for life in general.
now to be patient and trust God...

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