Tuesday, May 26, 2009

clean house...

...or apartment rather. to make up for taking a sick day (yes i felt guilty for calling out sick) i tried to clean as much as i could.

things i accomplished:
organized the bathroom counter
cleaned the mirrors (bathroom and bedroom)
cleaned the bathroom counter, sink, and tub (i cleaned the toilet saturday)
swept and mopped bathroom
organized closet
sorted through all the clothes that were still in boxes
vacuumed closet
put up all clean laundry
vacuumed bedroom
at least half a dozen loads of laundry
ran dishwasher

still need to accomplish:
probably close to fifteen loads of laundry (thanks to sorting the boxed clothes)
straighten and organize living room
vacuum living room
put school stuff away
clean kitchen counters
sweep and mop kitchen
clean microwave
do dishes that wouldn't fit in dishwasher

wow thats alot. i think that covers my short term goals. the office is still a pile of boxes but i think it will be easier to work on if the rest of the apartment isn't a disaster. i'm just glad i did something with my day. i would have accomplished more if i hadn't had to take so many breaks. but even though i know i have accomplished quite a bit, i feel strangely overwhelmed that i don't think i have enough hangers or drawer space for all of these clothes. there is a dresser in our room, my sissy gave me, that i wasn't using because i wanted to get rid of it while hubby was home on R&R but we never got around to it. now i guess i'll use it until hubby comes home and we can buy a dresser that matches the one we bought with christmas money. and no i'm not just worried about looks. the one my sissy gave me is kind of falling apart. although i think my mommy might have the dresser uncle rob made me. i need to call her. but for now i need to go find me some dinner and try to knock out some more laundry.
hope everyone had a wonderful day.

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Jessica said...

whew...sounds like you have a lot to accomplish on your to-do list =)
Seems like those things never get completely done though huh?

oh and to answer your question~to hang the rug, we used thumb tacks...amazing how something so small can hold up a rug, but they do. I want to see a picture when you get it up...I just love the pieces from over there =)