Thursday, May 28, 2009

psalm 119.

earlier this month i started a program to read the bible through in a year. each day i read a little bit from the old testament, new testament, psalm, and proverbs. the past few days, my psalm assignment has been in chapter 119. tonight i finally noticed that the little symbols in front of the section titles strongly resemble the symbols in the tattoo i have on my left shoulder [see picture to left]. the symbols in my tattoo make up a verb form of love in hebrew. i know this is random but i found it very interesting. if you don't believe me open your bible and look for yourself. i'll even help you out and give you the section titles and verses...
He 33-40
Beth 9-16
He 33-40
Aleph 1-8
keep in mind that all of these are out of psalm 119. this makes me super excited!

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