Thursday, May 14, 2009

i am...

7195 days and 19 hours old. random thought for the day.
i have to get in the shower soon to get ready to head back to work. i really don't want to go. i'm not feeling well at all. allergies have wrecked havoc on my throat [that is how my allergies affect me; they usually attack my throat or ears] for over a week now but i can't remember my allergy medicine long enough to help it. and my tummy isn't feeling so good but i think i know the reason for that too. plus i feel kind of blue about having to go back to work. hubby really thinks i should start looking for a new job but it scares me to. i've have never had a request off turned down and she has always been super flexible with my school and church schedule. i'm afraid of not being able to find that somewhere else. but i guess we'll see. i'm waiting til the month is over before i make any decisions like that. i'm waiting to see what the summer schedule is going to be like.
but its shower time. wish me luck. i haven't been to work since april 23rd.

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