Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ups and downs.

so i have good news and sad news. yes i meant "sad" instead of "bad."
lets get the sad news over with first...hubby went back today. i took him to the airport and walked him to the gate. i still haven't cried. if i keep feeling the way i feel right now i might not break down til church tomorrow night. right now i just feel really weird. i can't believe i had him for a whole two weeks and i can't believe he's gone again already. we have no idea when he'll be home again. the hope is for him to be home by thanksgiving, that is a very preliminary "come home" date but that gives the military six whole months to change its plans. we will just have to wait and see. we just hope that he's home by christmas.
now for the good news. starting with the week of memorial day i will be keeping miss kate every friday!! i am so very excited! not only is it what i love to do [take care of little ones] but it lets me stay in constant contact with julie and kenny since they're leaving at the end of this month. YAY!
now to be patient and trust in God. there are lots of changes and such going on right now and lots of things that need fixed. sometimes hubby not being here gets the better of me, my grades last semester proved that :( but i refuse to let it happen again! i am determine to step up and overcome this deployment. as an army wife it is my responsibility to keep EVERYTHING running smooth on the home front. this includes putting forth my best effort in school! but all in all i am hopeful. the next month will be spent getting back into my "no hubby routine" after having him for fifteen days. i go back to work thursday which i am not at all looking forward to but oh well. after this month i will be making some serious decisions. many people, hubby included, have been trying to talk me into looking for a new job. without a college degree i don't expect to find the perfect job but i should have a job i like. plus it really isn't convenient to work at mona's since i don't live in the neighborhood anymore. i plan to give it another month and see. i guess thats all for now. considering today's events i'm likely to do alot of posting for the next week or so. hope everyone has had a wonderful day.

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