Friday, May 15, 2009

rough night.

yesterday at work i started getting this weird cramp in my abdomen. i kind of ignored it because its not unusual during this time of the month. then i had to stop by the church and stock the sunday school fridge, no big deal. then on my way home i started getting this intense stab/cramp in my left side...not normal! it kept up all evening with just a few moments of relief here in there. then when bed time rolled around i had a super hard time getting comfortable because of this silly pain. i finally found a somewhat bearable position and was almost asleep when i jolted awake with a very uneasy "something isn't right" kind of feeling. i did this four or five more times (in maybe an hour timespan) before i finally managed to stay asleep. it was weird. i wish i knew what "wasn't right" but i have no idea. i guess time will tell. needless to say last night wasn't a good night. and i really wish this pain would go away because i work an eight hour shift today. wish me luck.

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