Sunday, March 15, 2009


so the weekend is drawing to a close. back to school tomorrow. this past week was supposed to be my spring break but i don't feel like i got a break at all. i'm exhausted. but when jesse comes home for R&R i plan to take some time off work. i'm so excited to see him again but i hate that it will be so early in the deployment. the rumor is he will get to come home sometime in april or may.
my weekend was actually fun. saturday i went and saw a beautiful baby in the hospital. miss kaylee and her mommy actually went home today. then afterward i went to dinner with the in-laws. i tried lots of new things...all except for the different kind of sausage. it was fun. i feel so blessed that i have a good relationship with my in-laws! i love our visits. then this morning i ran super late but made it just in time. sunday school was interesting to say the least. our lesson was "seduced by sex." it actually birthed some great discussion though. sex is a topic that is often uncomfortable but its something that so many teenages want to learn about. it actually went pretty good, we just need to work on staying on topic lol.
but i guess i need to head to sleep. i'll talk later. night night.

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