Tuesday, March 17, 2009

beautiful day.

i am loving the weather! i hope it will be like this tomorrow when i have to be on campus. tomorrow morning i have to make up my history midterm. then essay one revisions are due thursday and essay two is due friday. i'm a little overwhelmed but i fear i did this to myself. part of it had to do with me leaving so abruptly for oklahoma but i should have had essay two done already. its ridiculous. i'm so irritated with myself.
on a lighter note my dear hubby should be coming home for leave next month. he has dates but isn't sure if that includes travel time. i'm going to wait to share those dates because he should have a briefing my tomorrow/his today. the time difference makes things a little confusing. right now its 5:45am his time. so while my tuesday evening is coming to an end, his wednesday morning is just begginning. it makes for fun conversations. but he should be emailing soon and i need to study some more. i hope to post again soon. night for now.

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