Saturday, December 6, 2008

its you...

pardon the language on this one. i'm not good enough at photo editing to censor it out but i loved the message (minus the curse word). so many times you hear the phrase "if there's something wrong then blame the parents" but here its the parents getting the child checked out so i doubt they're blaming themselves. sometimes it is the kid's fault and sometimes its the parent's fault. but sometimes there isn't anyone to blame. sometimes its just a miscommunication. the kid may not feel comfortable talking with their parents or the parents misinterpret the behavior of the child. other times its an individual just not being able to cope with the struggles life will inevitably throw at us. this is just my personal opinion. i'm not a doctor or anything. but whatever is wrong i do know there is hope...GOD IS OUR HOPE! all we have to do is ask and he's right there. he won't always make it easier but he will always carry us through.

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