Saturday, December 6, 2008

busy day.

today i had to be at lavergne high school at 8:45am. i worked childcare for a national guard unit's mobilization briefings. i was the adult for group one. fifteen to twenty kids all two years of age and younger. fun stuff. all of my workers got paid because they were volunteering through school. i did not get paid and thats the way i think it should be. eventually i will be one of those mothers dropping my child off to listen to mobilization briefings. they don't need to hear the technicalities of deployment. the briefings are pretty boring anyway lol. but its still said to know that these children are just months away from saying goodbye to a parent.

some children caught my heart more than others. *there was a boy and a girl, a brother and sister, that were adorable. the boy was older and he was so protective of his little sister. they were probably no more than a year and a half apart. when it was time to clean up i tried to make it a game by asking who could clean up the fastest and he was the first to jump up and say "i can." he was actually a good cleaner. but the thing that got me the most...when the cute little pair was picked up...both the parents we wearing their ACUs. i didn't ask. it wouldn't have been respectful. i can only hope that they aren't both deploying. where do the kids go? the kids aren't even school age. they can't be without both parents. it was such a sad thought...i don't know if i could handle it being my reality. yet another reason i don't want to join the military. *another little boy, much younger, maybe only around seven months old, would sporadically cry. he would be just fine. playing and having fun then just start screaming. the tears would stream and the nose would start to run. i was holding him trying to calm him and suddenly he just plopped his little head down on my shoulder. i decided to take advantage of the situation so i sat down in the rocker and he was sleeping in no time. he slept for a little while until a little girl pulled the pacifier out of his mouth. from that point on this little boy would hardly go to anyone else but me.

little kids just melt my heart. their innocence and simple logic. i love them. i can't wait to be a mother.

then a had to book it from the high school to get to work on time. didn't even get to go home in between. work wasn't bad. i was worn out from the little kids and starving from all the energy i burned. i want children but not that many, that close in age. we had a small rush right before two then things leveled out. then around 4:30 things started picking up again. lots of in store customers. even more calls. it get crazy quick. and then i got to escape at 6pm and have been chilling at home since. i need to eat dinner but don't feel like cooking.

and that has been my day...

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