Monday, October 13, 2008

life on God's terms.

as a christian, i believe my life will go according to God's will. he already has my life planned for me. why is it so easy to forget that? i used to pray for things to work my way. recently i've decided to change that. now every time i pray i try to only ask for God's will and guidance. i have so many things going on right now that i can't afford to not be on God's path. marriage and deployment is a big deal. how can you enter either one of those commitments and expect success if you aren't willing to sacrifice your own plans to live out God's plan. life it or not, life will happen God's way regardless. might as well humble yourself and ask for his will. that's how i feel anyway. if i can't let go now, i'll never be able to. not that i'm not struggling with letting go. its not easy to lay down my selfish plans. more than anything i want to know that i have God's blessing to marry jesse at the end of this month. not everyone here on earth is supporting us but if we have God's blessing, we have all we need.

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Jesse said...

Well i have to say that more then likely we have God's blessing for marriage. the only reason i can feel this is because the change in your father's attitude torwards it. I'm not sure what my parents being against it means but i know that for your dad to turn around something must be at work aswell as the other recommendations from the pastors.